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How did this group get started?


Most visions of a big plan start with one or two people having a version of it in their head. Our history includes two such people; Larry MacDonald, and Bob Fleming. Their stories follow.

Larry MacDonald: After serving in the U.S. Navy, Sheboyganite, Larry MacDonald gave two years of service to the United Nations in New York and France. This lead to his belief and practice that people from different countries who spend time and space together will be more peaceful with each other. Hence his travels around the globe and involvement with People to People, American Field Service Student Exchange Program and Veterans for Peace. 

Larry was very active in various Service Clubs in the Sheboygan community. He also wrote a book on Peace, Our Side, which can be found at www.our-side.net. He collected hundreds of signatures from people all over the world who profess the idea of Peace. This site is also connected to the global “May Peace Prevail on Earth” website- www.worldpeace.org

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