About Friends of Peace Park Sheboygan

How Did We Get Started



Most visions of a big plan start with one or two people having the vision of it in their head. Our history includes two such people; Larry MacDonald, and Bob Fleming. Their stories follow.

Our Mission and Vision Statements


Our Mission: To inspire a more peaceful world through the development and beautification of Peace Park Sheboygan.

Our Vision: Friends of Peace Park Sheboygan will help Peace Park Sheboygan be recognized within the community as a visual reminder of peaceful living and a site for peaceful activities.

Our Guiding Concepts



  • A place to linger
  • A destination/a picnic site
  • And events venue
  • A place to watch the sunrise/moonrise
  • A place to meditate on “Peace”
  • A place for personal renewal
  • A place to gather
  • A place to recognize our Sister Cities
  • A place to enjoy their aroma, textures and beauty of the flowers and plants
  • And accessible place for all

Plans for the Park

The Peace Pole is in the center of the Peace Patio. It is surrounded by paver blocks.

Friends of Peace Park Sheboygan has big plans for the Park. The expansion of the patio around the Peace Pole and the addition of paver blocks and benches are all part of Phase 1 which has already begun! In Spring 2019, we will be installing the Sister City gardens and a hydration station as well as a paved path to connect them to the Peace Patio.

Click on the "Support Us" button to help us finish Phase 1.

3 Phases

This is the landscape architect's plan for Sheboygan Peace Park.

This is our big project for the Peace Park. The plan is divided into 3 phases - and we have already made a start on it! Phase 1 will be completed in Spring/Summer 2019. Please consider making a donation now.

What is a Fiscal Agent?

Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Inc is our Fiscal Agent.

Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership Inc. (LNRP) is our Fiscal Agent. They help us manage our money, apply for grants, plan events and network with other groups in the northeastern / east central Wisconsin area. They also offer other perks to their many partners.

LNRP is a 501-(c)-3 non-profit which means that donors who give to Friends of Peace Park Sheboygan enjoy the same tax benefits as donors who give to other tax-exempt organizations.